EU importer, distributor, M&LE partner

We import and distribute all M&LE, hunting and shooting sports related, simulation, training and consumer goods that are an addition to the current dominant forces in the market, or are innovative products & solutions. We focus on exclusive partnerships, but are confident enough to engage in competative arrangements. We bring your products to the market, make sure the market is happy with service, quality products, steady prices and happy end users.

Different labels, a diverse product gamma, brand loyalty and boots on the ground are a few of the reasons you'll choose for 3 Monkeys' Trading to serve your interests in Europe. We operate in a market that's under constant scruteny from media, politicians and local law, so we make sure every move is well planned, executed and whitin rules & regulations that will differ between EU countries. So if you're looking for a hard hitter, fast moving and succesful EU market conquerer you should definetly get in touch!